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Packing Materials 

When moving with all boxed removals we supply all boxes free of charge, the only thing you will have to pay for is Tape, paper and bubble wrap. With our packing service all packing materials are included in the price meaning you wont have to part with anymore Money.

All packing materials brought from us comes with a free delivery when you spend £10 or more and we will try to arrange a time best to suit your needs.

Free Delivery

When you order £10 worth

of packing materials.

Were Big On Recycling!

We try to recycle all our packing materials as much as we can.

Small Double Walled Boxes       


These small boxes are best for books, paperwork and other heavy objects and can be filled right up.

£2 each   

10 For £17.50      

Large Double Walled Boxes


These large boxes are best for all your larger more lighter objects ie. toys, teddies, bedding and clothes. 


£2.50 each            

10 For £22.50         

Brown Tape


When buying boxes you will also need some strong tape to hold them together!


£1.50 Each      

£8.00 6 Rolls  

Packing Paper


All your glass and china is going to need protecting on your moving day, this big pack of packing paper will keep it all safe for you!


£20 Each       

Bubble Wrap

If you have some larger objects that need protecting while moving ie. pictures, large vases ect, your going to need some bubble wrap.


£20 Per roll    

Wardrobe Hanging Boxes


Why not keep all your clothes hanging up instead of creasing them? These handy hangers can do so.



£8.00 Each       

Marker Pens


Make your removal easier by marking boxes whats in them and where they came from with this marker pen.


£1 Each         

Removal Blanket


Protect your furniture if you're storing items on top or while moving with these blankets.


£3.50 Each        

Archive Boxes


Need to store files and archives? do so with these strong archive boxes.


£2.00 Each      

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